Tigers and bugs

Moving to a new country is a wonderful experience. Even if it is not that far away and the culture is not very different from the one you grew up with; for a while, everything, the light, scents, sounds, people’s reactions seem excitingly different, reviving like a cool fresh stream on a muggy summer’s day. Friends were worrying before: “Won’t you find it difficult?” No, not at all, it’s great, it feels like being twenty all over again, new worlds to be discovered, islands to be named, trees to be planted.
Problems? Well, who said it better than Bertolt Brecht: “I escaped the sharks, slew the tigers and was eaten by bugs.” (Epitaph for M., in: Collected Poems) Don’t get me started on beaurocracy, banks, insurances – but they won’t have me, ever heard of useful bugs?


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