Matilda the Musical – Magic for souls of all ages

This post has now historic value. It was written on 11th November 2010, after only the second night of what was to become an incredible success story. For up-to-date news please check
Matilda, A Musical” at the RSC. Last night, second night performance, wow, what a treat. For a more in-depth review see: I had read Matilda, along with most other Roald Dahl books, to my then young sons in the late Eighties, in the German translation. Oh how we loved the power of cleverness, how we cheered and felt with Matilda. Last night it all came back to me and again, twenty years on, growing up felt like a thing yet to be done.
Wow, congratulations to the production team! Marvellously done, Tim Minchin.”When I grow up” had me cheering in tears! Young Adrianna Bertola as Matilda was the mate every girl would like to have, the daughter and granddaughter we’d all adopt immediately and I’m sure, grumpy though Roald Dahl was said to have been, he would have adored her impersonation of this great character.
Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchball had us all in stitches – superb, just the right mix of threat and ridiculousness – and of course, Lauren Ward as Miss Honey oh how sweet, a little girl’s dream of a teacher, and what a wonderful singing voice!

Thanks to the RSC for this great production!
By the way, I have been wondering but not done any research on it, yet, did J.K.Rowling have Matilda at the back of her head, when she first developed the idea of Harry Potter?


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