Memorable reference

That’s what my customer was, when he found this job reference of his great grandfather’s.
As a matter of fact, the good man was always at his post, diligent and well-behaved.

Even modern handwriting is not always a piece of cake. Any parents or teachers out there who have struggled to appreciate the written intellectual performance of those who have not yet taken entirely to keyboard-only writing don’t need to be reminded.

When it comes to historic documents, reading can become even more of a challenge. Not only are we suddenly dealing with a different and not throughout normatized presentation of the individual letters – there are old ways of spelling, words that have come out of use and, as in the case of modern handwriting, spelling mistakes and awkward corrections.
Google translation doesn’t help, but there are some very supportive pages:

on German “Kurrent”script:
on “Sütterlin” script:
and for “Fraktur”

As translating this type of handwriting cannot be based on simple word count, the pricing should be well considered …
but isn’t it great to find out that your great grandfather was just the kind of 19th century role model that you always thought he was?

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