Rather mysterious

Watching Charlotte Brontë Die   by Ellie Stevenson

An inherited garden shed, a storm-battered Channel island, a smokers’ room, a terrace behind an average house, a flowery sofa, a countryside bus, a tree in a park, and last but not least, a Cathedral Library… mystery does arise in many different places in this collection of 9 stories from somewhat intriguing realities.Bronte3

Be prepared for the unexpected.
Ellie Stevenson takes her readers deep into the heart of her characters. They come from walks of life as far apart as the bullied carer and the literary researcher; one thing they seem to have in common, though, they are insistent in their search for happiness. Some of them achieve their goal better than others, but each story creates room for unsettling questions.

My favourite story from this collection must be the one of Anna Grail, the girl with a fondness for tractor driving. You cannot avoid loving her and cheering her on her way.

It is a bit hard to not read all the stories in one go, but it is recommended. Perhaps you should leave the light on, in the hallway.

 ‘Watching Charlotte Brontë Die’ was published on 10 Jan 2013 at Rosegate Publications
It is available on Amazon, as a Kindle edition and now also as a paperback version.


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