To Lulworth Cove

P1050583The place was paradise,
the cove, the beach,
the clear blue sea
A dreamy path atop the cliffs
through shrubs, past pastures and
a view to die for
All set just by a village
from a picture book,
a stream, some pubs, more walks,
the people’s gentle voices
-Would we stay?

In glistering sunlight up the path,
a photograph or two,
already trying to block out
the sounds that shouldn’t be…
Gunfire, was it tanks, machine guns?
not a minute’s rest
blocked, barred the lovely route,
a part of paradise made hell

They shouldn’t, can’t,
how was it possible?
What waste of beauty,
what a fall from highest spirits

No they can’t,
not here nor anywhere
no war … and please
stop practicing for it

We left


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