Hutten’s Confession

A poem by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825-1898)

I’m walking on my grave today
Say Hutten, you’re confessing, pray?
I beat my chest in Christian penitence
For feeling guilty is man’s fate
I do repent that I too late perceived my task
My only mildly burning heart up to the last
I do repent not entering my feud
With harsher strikes and braver mood
I do repent that only once they banned  me
I do repent that human fear could stall me
I do repent the day that bore no risk to fail
I do repent the hour not in coat of mail
I do confess with sorrow most contrite
Not having been thrice daring in life’s fight.

Ulrich von Hutten: see here
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer: see here


2 thoughts on “Hutten’s Confession

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    1. lingonews Post author

      My Polish being nonexistent, I asked a friend, a lovely Polish-Canadian actor, what your blog said about my translation. He explained, and I started researching again. Amazing: I only ever knew the version with “dreifach kühn” … but it seems that was Rosa Luxemburg’s interpretation, wasn’t it?
      Still, it rings a truer bell today.
      But I’m always glad to learn something new.
      Kind regards


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