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Crime and suspense in and around Stratford upon Avon

A powerful new thriller, The Urge to Kill, the first novel by J.J. Franklin, a local author, takes the reader on a tour de force, and suspense won’t release its grip through to the very last page. The killer, Clive Draper, is known right from the start, but what, if he is not caught soon enough? Empowered by his first kill, he is on the hunt for more, and his charming manners are dangerous bait. Clive’s murderous mind is most ambiguous and even evokes the odd pang of empathy. His cat-and-mouse games are nerve wrecking, not just for DI Matt Turrell, a police officer whose intriguing development involves getting used to a very independent newly wed wife. She, Eppie, after a dramatic change of work and life environment, is looking for a new task, but her choice brings her far too close to the centre of events.

The “boys at the station”, Eppie’s colleagues, Clive’s mother, the story has a lively selection of highly interesting characters readers can relate to, one way or another.

Lemington Spa, Warwick, and, in Stratford, the foyer at the Courtyard Theatre, the banks of the River Avon near the Dell, lovely Warwickshire is showing its darker sides.

J.J. Franklin is a pseudonym that promises to become a trademark for a new set of fascinating British crime stories. More is promised to come, and the next of Matt Turrel’s adventures is something to look forward to.

“The Urge to Kill” by JJ Franklin
self-published 24/06/2012 with Earth Tiger
ISBN-10: 0957193505
ISBN-13: 978-0957193505